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Association for Coaching

The AC is one of the leading independent, not-for profit professional bodies aimed at advancing coaching worldwide – both on a local and global scale. This involves promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, while providing support for its members – professional coaches, coaching service providers/trainers, academic institutions, and large organisations involved in building coaching cultures.

Established in 2002, the Association for Coaching® has experienced rapid growth, with global representation in over 40 countries. The AC has become known for its leadership within the market and responsiveness to both market and members’ needs.  Becoming a member gives the opportunity to be involved in an established, yet dynamic, professional body dedicated to excellence and coaching best practice.

The areas membership covers include: Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Personal Coaching, Speciality Coaching, Team Coaching, and Internal / Organisational Coaching.


To inspire and champion excellence to advance the profession of coaching worldwide, making a positive and lasting difference to businesses, individuals, and society in which we live and work.


Progressive - High standards – Collaborative – Market/Members focused – Educational - Responsive - Purposeful

Core Objectives:
  • To actively advance education and best practice in Coaching worldwide

  • To develop and implement targeted initiatives to encourage growth to the profession

  • To promote and support development of accountability and credibility across the industry

  • To encourage and provide opportunities for an open exchange of views, experiences and consultations

  • To initiate social innovation and sustainability projects that better society through coaching

Membership of the Association for Coaching is open to those organisations where coaching is a function of the business, either by providing a service or supplying training for coaches.

For companies or groups actually engaged in or associated with the field of Coaching, as outlined below:

  • Service companies who provide Coaching/and or related Consulting services

  • Coaching is a service offered by your business to external clients

  • Training organisation involved with training for coaches

  • Provision of services specifically related to coaches or coaching

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