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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching has become in recent years an essential part of development, coaching is key for the development of all: children, adults, team and the organisational members.

Accredited by several professional bodies, AOC, ANLP and ISMA Synergy’s coaching ethos is to deliver business coaching to individuals, teams and groups who need help or guidance at a time in their personal work development to boost self-esteem, enhance potential and maximise performance.

We use ‘The Synergy Coaching Model’ and various others coaching frameworks to enable progression from limiting beliefs through to success.

Synergy’s coaches come from widely differing backgrounds such as higher education, executive business and personal growth and have a wealth of experience in delivering solutions and are well versed in the realities of executive responsibility and organisational life.

For both professional and personal development Synergy will be there every step of the way by providing expert coaches who can be on hand when you need it most. 

Unlock your potential and that of your teams to maximise performance.  This process is a combination of Facilitation, Coaching and Training and is about group or individual learning rather than us telling you how to coach.

Our aim is to deliver Coaching and Mentoring sessions which are solutions based, logically processed and results orientated, with our coaches facilitating the enhancement of work performance, life experiences, self-motivated learning and personal growth. 

Goal setting achievement in partnership with a qualified and professional coach leads to immediate improvement of performance it develops skills by tutoring and instruction and uses Psychology to enhance wellbeing.

Session are delivered focusing on specific skills required or goals being aimed at and if required one-on-one relationships will be built and maintained throughput to assist someone become a more effective and enable that  individual to make conscious decisions and empower them to become leaders in their own lives.

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Finally, we are accredited by the following professional bodies for Coaching: AOC, ANLP, ISMA, so you can be sure of the value of your Certification.