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There are few assignments that we are unable to assist with. Why not begin with a brief Initial face to face, telephone, internet chat and email exchange, to start the ball rolling.

Typically, we are used to fine tuning the consultant’s skill set and experience level to the assignment specification. This enables us to provide a consultant who closely matches the client’s individual and specific needs.

Our Consultants are currently supporting businesses at all levels, in many locations worldwide in the Charity, Public and Private Sectors for small, medium and large multi-nationals.

Our "Engagement Model":

This details every task we will perform, describes all deliverables, outlines all project timelines and provides a listing of the roles and responsibilities of our team and the prospective client’s team.

We work and stay with you to ensure completion to a successful and satisfactory conclusion.


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In Competitive times and markets, you and your company are continually seeking a competitive Advantage or a unique blue ocean position, whatever you are looking for Synergy can help ease the process.

We are happy to assist with no obligation quotes against your project brief or arrange for a consultant to contact you to help scope and structure an effective development plan.

All our Consultants are Experts in their specific fields and have the highest recognised qualifications and experience

Whilst each project is different we draw upon the experience of our consultants to meet the demands and needs of each client.