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Access to the New eLibrary:

The new e-Library will contain handouts, articles, stories and much more updated constantly, all you have to do is register you name and e mail to be able to gain access the free content.

A Link to the CEO's Choice:

Our Chief Executive has recommended the key skills that any new employee would need to hit the road running and makean impact in the workplace, this CPD Package can be purchased at a heavily discounted price from the  individual price, mail us for details or call 0121 605 7533 - the CPD Package includes:

CEO Essential Employee Package: 10 essential programmes for any new employee:

  1. Time & Priority Management – Increasing Productivity for Greater Results

  2. Assertiveness and Self Confidence

  3. Exceptional Customer Service

  4. Introduction to Project Management

  5. Presentation Skills

  6. Influencing People and Negotiation

  7. Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Personnel

  8. Motivating and Managing towards excellence

  9. Essential Management Skills

  10. Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and developing your team

Early Bird Booking Rates:

If you book and pay for your training 3 months before the start date we will discount the final price you pay by 15%

Discounts for Charities that register with Synergy to be a "Preferred Supplier":

Charities that register as a preferred supplier and endorse Synergy with preferred supplier status will benefit from a discounted rate for all trainings that are chosen by there employees for a period of one year. the preferred supplier staus will be renewed and revirewed annually.

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The Synergy Newsletter:

Synergy produce a newsletter every month and this e newsletter will keep you informed of what's new, plans for the future who won the free events, what the deal of the month is, and genreally what you need to know about to keep your CPD upto date.

Download the 2017 Brochures for each division:

By going to the front page and clicking on the Download our Brochure on our home page, you will get access to over 200 plus training courses andbe able to download each brochure for each division for 2017 and get the latest information before everyone else.

Learn more about our Segments and what can do for your employees in a short Punchy session:

Segments are short, punchy, informative sessions that get the greatest amount of inprovement in the shortest period of time. What else could be better!

Choose one session or upto 4 session per day the information is all available by clicking on Segments on the home page then simply choose which segments wou wants or call us to find out more on 0121 605 7533.

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Connect to us on social media and find out what we are doing for you and the community, new events and things to do.

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Find out the "Deal of the month" by signing up for the Newsletter or Sign up for our Mailing List or Simply e Mail us or Call Us on 0121 605 7533 or keep visiting the website and add us as a favourite link.