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An Organisations Recruitment Strategy - The Rule of 16/4

Employees can be an organisations greatest asset or it's biggest risk, and by ensuring that your vetting and screening policy is watertight you can help avoid costly mistakes. It is more crucial than ever that your organisation's pre-employment vetting and screening policy is up to date, robust, fully effective and compliant.                                                                      

Weaknesses in your employee vetting process can leave your organisation open to employing poorly performing employees as well as opening yourselves up to an extensive risk of fraud, theft, data breaches, brand reputation and poor service levels.

Also a failure to vet within the legal limits set out i.e. discrimination, data protection and other legislation can also lead to costly lawsuits and reputational damage.

Enable your organisation to predict job performance, Streamline pre selection screening, Select star performers, decrease staff turnover, identify development needs, promote effective team working, maximise personal performance and find tomorrow’s leaders.

Companies recruiting staff should look to cover six main areas of concern
  • Can the person do the job they are being hired for to an expectional level ?

  • Do they really want the job - Will they champion the company ?

  • Will they fit in ?

  • WIll they stay ?

  • Do they add value to the company ?

  • Is there a potential to promote this person at a later stage ?

If you want to learn more on how:
  • Synergy can lower your staff turnover

  • Improve your productivity

  • Increase the quality of staff being taken on

Or If you are looking for the Next Star of the Future: and if you already have found them, know how to retain them.

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