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Segments - Synergy Short Courses

Build Your Own Daily Programme  

With over 100 Segments on offer across multiple Skill Sets all delivered in short 90 minute sessions "In House"

The Choice is Yours : Synergy provides fully flexible options for you to choose the sessions to suit your business’s needs, with 4 segments delivered in one day or alternatively  choose to build a programme over several days with a simple fee structure of £1000 a day plus vat.

Build a Segments Programme over multiple days and Multiple skill sets at a discount

If you want to plan an induction or refresher programme for your employees Synergy is always willing to help you along the way and build the programme with you, the more days you plan the more cost effective it can be - Ask us for more details about long term joint programmes and the discounts they attract.


Choose 4 Segments from a single Skill Set

Decide on a Skill Set whether it’s a day of Business Basics, Business Skills, a day of Customer Service or Team Performance or simply a day of Personal Performance


Choose 4 Segments from across the whole range

Maybe you’d prefer a mixture of session from across the Skill Sets?  The choice truly is yours

Segments Cost Structure for Delivery

·        Four 90 Minute Segments 

·        Delivered in a single day "In House"

·        Up to 20 people a session

·        £1000 (plus vat

Take a look at our 100 plus Segments from the Skill Sets below and give us a call on 0121 605 7533 or email us via to take full advantage of these great short courses. Were always happy to help plan your event in whatever way you need.