A Dozen ways to motivate your team

A Dozen ways to motivate your team

A Dozen ways to motivate your team

Ask a person what motivates them? A large proportion of them will say Money: yeh right!

No! that’s not a motivator, that’s a bi-product of what drives you, there have been many theories on motivation over the years, to name a few: Taylor, Maslow, McGregor’s X and Y theory, Hertzberg’s Hygiene factors, McClelland, Victor Vroom, Daniel Pink Drive theory, and many more.

Here are some easy ways to inspire, empower and drive the team to better result quickly.

We all like praise, albeit public or private, depending on whether you’re internally or externally processing:

So for a job well done and taking the time to give sincere and genuine thanks to a staff member are important and will boost their self-esteem. Your team, your employees will also appreciate the fact that you’ve noticed their hard work.

A drink after work, an extended lunch break, a chance to work from home, there are many ways to reward people for their efforts, there are alternatives: such as an ‘away day’ paint balling or bowling night out, or even an extended weekend: get to know your team and what are the things that drive them and reward them with those things.

Training for all:
Training is a great means of stimulation because it shows that you are prepared to invest in your employees’ development, making them feel valued. Encourage the recipient of any training to share their new insights with the rest of the team; get them to share the training and present a mini version of what was great about the training day.

Boot Camps:
Taking your team out for a bonding session is a great way to boost morale and assess the general mood in camp. By planning it a week or two in advance, you give staff something to look forward to. What can the Boot Camp be? Hire a fitness instructor to give everyone a boost: Maybe a Cookery school day, for example a making chocolate day, or learning a new skill.

Ownership: – Additional Responsibility
If members of your team are asking for extra tasks, and if they deserve the recognition, find ways of giving them more responsibility and rewards.

Parking Space by the door for the week as employee of the week, Hire them a car that they have always wanted, two dreams in one. Promote people to lead special projects with the title for the period of the project and see if that has the potential to develop into a permanent feature.

Everyday: Behaving As If
People follow great Leadership, without the ability to act AS IF you deserve to be followed then nothing will destroy team morale and cohesiveness faster than a boss no one trusts or believes. You must be prepared to demonstrate integrity and stand up for your staff at all times.

Adapt: The most flexible person, general gets the desired outcome
If a member of staff has to take time off work unexpectedly, try to be accommodating; you’ll find they’re appreciative and will work hard to make up for lost time. They’ll also be happy to know they’re working for a gracious employer.

Clean Language, Clarity and a Clear Vision:
Structure and clear direction can reassure staff that they’re on the right track. Provide clear communication, clean language and a clear vision and direction so that the team has a direct clear path as to where they are going rather than aiming for a non-existent dream.

Team Development Days:
Give your team something to look forward to; work does not have to feel like work all the time and everyone needs a little downtime. Investing in ways to keep your team motivated will, ultimately, benefit you and your organisation. De-motivated employees are more likely to look for a new career. If you need more advice on the matter, take a look at our articles on the importance of staff retention and how to conduct an effective appraisals.

Keep the Language and communication positive, remove the No, Not, Can’t, Should not, haven’t, won’t, don’t. Etc., etc.: out of your language use connective word such as And and Because. Keep it Positive all day long.

Fun = Environment
Let the office look light and airy, a fun place to come to work, it does not have to look like an old mausoleum

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