C Factors

C Factors

The Success of your Business depends largely on the team you build around you and Yes! That includes you…

The Tools in your toolkit are either Sharp. Blunt i.e. meaning not fit for purpose requiring, retooling, training, coaching or something else, or disengaged, unmotivated and more or possibly worse Missing, in the building but gone AWOL!

If they are Missing they fall into the 80% category, these people are lost, looking for direction, probably in a Job or maybe a place of work, not caring about what they do, or why they do it, or simply just doing whatever it is for the coin.

If they are blunt then they fall into 16 % category, these are interesting people, with potential to be the great, however, not recognised yet, not found, needing a guardian or mentor, if they don’t find that direction soon they will be lost and will potentially become a star at another organisation somewhere soon, because, Management nor Leadership have discovered them yet, they are seeking a meaning, a sense of purpose, a career.

And if they are “Sharp” then we find them in the 4 per centers, they have a career, but sometimes they are so focused on the task at hand they forget the 16 per cent who need a hand up and they also need sharpening, because they are not the finished article just yet.

Synergy Training Group is all about sharpening the tools and finding new great ones to replace the missing tools. Transforming your business, in a variety of ways with world class expertise…

Well, every athlete needs a team around them to be successful, no different from you and that team needs to keep the Tools in the toolkit sharp.

So go-ahead let’s take a look inside your Toolkit, what will you find? and when you have taken a look what do we do about this?

Synergy will provide a comprehensive analysis of your “ Toolkit” to determine any areas of development using diagnostic assessments to give an indication of how your perception of the effectiveness of your boardroom and your team measures against best practice and your team measures against the “C Factors”.

(These are UNIQUE to Synergy Training Group and exclusive to our clients)

All you need to do to organise this introductory session is reply via the contact form
and we can get a date in the diary.

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