Chief Executive’s Choice

Chief Executive’s Choice

Synergy known for First Class Training, Learning and Development Solutions and Consulting since 2004:

We provide additional areas where organisation’s can develop their employees to become the “Stars of the Future”. Working with clients in the areas of Behaviourial change, Knowledge Transfer, Business Improvement, Strategy Creation, Team Building and Development and Culture Change assembling a world class team of instructors, coaches, facilitators and trainers and this has driven the group forwards to deliver over 200 subject titles. Synergy delivers globally with public seminar’s and In House delivery.

2018 – A Whole New World of Learning 

Learning is constantly changing with new technologies and methods being developed all the time. The team at Synergy is working hard to invest in those methods for the future, to ensure synergy stays ahead of the competition through investment both financially and technologically.

The development of your organisation is as much about structure and processes as it is about behaviour. The Unique Business model adopted by Synergy works at all Intervention levels with our clients to ensure we work with them in a close relationship.

We continue to ensure that the learning experience at Synergy Training Group is the very best it can be – our goal is to set and lead a new industry standard.

CEO Essential Employee Package: 10 essential programmes for all new employee / Inductees

The CEO’S Personal Favourites:

So what will 2018 bring?

  • A “New and Exciting” year breaking boundaries and delivering to New People, New Organisation’s working with Synergy as well as Growing with our partners and existing clients.
  • Courseware – continued development and update of new content, with a focus on even more experiential and innovative programme offerings
  • New Technology – movement toward paperless and paper-light courses, with innovative technology facilitating differentiated learning styles, while supporting a ‘greener’ training environment
  • New Venues with New Classrooms – phased updating of each of our training rooms, introducing state of the art audio visual equipment, mobile furniture to support different learning modes, ergonomic seating for your comfort throughout the day, fun zones to support break-out groups and learning activities, and a generally refreshed atmosphere for learning.

Have a Fantastic 2018

Dr J

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