Conducting a competency based interview

Conducting a competency based interview

Conducting a competency-based interview

Competency-based interviews will give you a good insight into how your candidate applies their experience, knowledge, behaviour, attitudes and skill-sets to different situations. Competency based interviewing is a logical, systematic way of interviewing and are used to discover how specific examples from a candidate’s previous job role might be advantageous to you if you hired them.

Competency Areas and Questions:

Questions referring to a candidate’s: practical learning, decision-making abilities, analytical skills, innovation, logical levels, problem solving and attention to detail.

An example question is: Explain a time when you identified a new approach to a problem, describe the problem and the process in which you solved the potential issue.

Individual competencies:
These questions refer to a candidate’s: knowledge, adaptability, flexibility, persistence, tenacity, decision-making ability, integrity, independence, risk assessment and risk profile.

An example question is: Tell me about a time when work you had done was challenged by your Team member’s or Management.

Motivational competencies:
These questions should display a candidate’s: Internal motivation, personal drivers, result orientation (Cause or Effect), energy, resilience, initiative and focus.

An example question is: Tell me about a time when you felt you had really worked hard and had the greatest sense of achievement?

Attention to detail, ability to serve, style of process, internal processing, direction filter, frame of reference filter, convincer filter, action filter, specify and chunking filter, relationship filter, listening and speaking style, and emotional response.

An example question is:
You might like to ask the candidate to complete a task; an example could be to help himself or herself to a Tea or Coffee? The observations of the way they go about the task will tell you, massive amounts regarding their “Behaviourial Profile.

These will refer to a candidate’s: leadership, corporate sensitivity, strategic thinking, managerial control and project management.

An example question is: Have you ever led a group or team to achieve an objective, and if so, describe the process and how you completed the task.

These will demonstrate a candidate’s: leadership attributes: compliance levels and ethics standards, social competencies and team working skills.

An example question is: Describe a situation where you successfully worked as part of a team and how did you fit within that team structure.

You should design your competency-based questions to be relevant to the role and to your organisation. So instead of google-ing a JD, Job Design or Description, tailor the job requirements specifically, both the Essentials and Desirables:

This will allow you to assess whether candidates possess the skills that they would need in the job on offer. Consider what skills you are looking for. Example: Leadership and delegation skills over teamwork and communication skills:

What are you looking for?
Once you know exactly what type of individual you want then construct the job design to fit the team and the role, then you can attempt to develop and conduct a competency based interview in order to determine who of the candidates will make the best fit and enable the team to perform at high levels.

When conducting competency-based interviews, it is vital to get real life examples in the candidate’s answers. You should not be trying to catch them out, however, if you have a doubt as the validity of the examples given simply ask them to repeat the answer in reverse, if they cannot then you know there has been deception.

At the end of the day you are looking for the best fit for your organisation, a sharp tool not one that is “Blunt or Missing”, a career candidate not someone looking for a job or a place of work.

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