Coaching to Greatness

Unlock your potential and that of your teams to maximise performance.

Course outline, at a glance

Every great athlete has had a Coach, so how do you believe that not having a Coach will ensure you become successful

In 6 months time you will look back and know it was the best decision of your life.

Coaching is a simple way of achieving great results. The Coaching process is practical, holistic and action orientated. Coaches support people as they define and achieve goals making the process faster and easier that if they worked alone.

In essence Coaching restores balance, clarifies direction and destination, maximises potential and creativity, accelerates progress, helps to remove obstacles and builds upon opportunities. You will reach your goals faster with the right strategies and support; you will create new opportunities.

  • We use ‘The Synergy Coaching Model’ and other coaching frameworks to enable progression from limiting beliefs through to success.
  • Recognise and remove the obstacles to successful coaching.
  • Use a model to plan, prepare and structure a coaching session that will best fit the ethos, culture and nature of those to be coached.
  • Improve your ability to give feedback to encourage individuals to embrace your attempts at performance improvement.
  • Confidently identify coaching and development needs and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Measure the effectiveness and impact of your coaching.
  • Bring out the best in others by developing your skills.

Where and when

1 & 2/03/2018  | 40 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6AF, UK