Essential Selling Skills: The Art of Selling Magically

Course outline, at a glance

People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic.

Don’t just take care of the customer: Help the Customer.

Selling is all about Influence – ‘Nobody sells – people decide to Buy’?

So learn how to influence them to buy from you time after time.

Pre-Requisite: No pre-knowledge required

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Assess clients’ buying strategies and adjust your behaviour accordingly to meet your clients’ needs.
  • Understand the nature of rapport and how to establish this with everybody.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of why people buy in different ways.
  • Understand what the client is saying to you, even when they are not speaking.
  • Understand and demonstrate the sales process, verbally and non-verbally.
  • Use language to influence and persuade.
  • Develop the most excellent sensory acuity.
  • Understand and demonstrate what is meant by the phrase, ‘You have to paint the client a picture’.
  • Demonstrate the ability to close every deal if you choose to.Understand that the difference between being Excellent and being average is very little.
  • Demonstrate techniques which will enable you to get the resources you need, get motivated and reach your true potential.
  • Know what your clients’ objections are going to be.

Where and when

1 & 2/02/2018  | 40 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6AF, UK