Facilitation Skills

“If we teach todays students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow”.

Course outline, at a glance

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Developing a growth mindset with goal setting and reflection

Any fool can know: the point is to understand.

Facilitation is a powerful tool that is used to help individuals and groups more effectively and efficiently achieve their purpose. Under the leadership of a skilled facilitator meeting, team building sessions, and training seminars can achieve results not possible without facilitation.

Facilitation Skills are used by team builders, meeting leaders, managers, and communicators to add content, process, and structure to meet the needs of an individual, group or team. Facilitation is provided by a person who can lead pairs or groups to obtain knowledge and information, work collaboratively, and accomplish their objectives.

Group Facilitation requires the Facilitator to present content and information by design and formulation of a process that helps a group achieve its objectives, via an appropriate structure within a meeting, training session or team building session, in order that the aim of the meeting is accomplished in the session.

Individual Facilitation requires all of the above skills but also looks at conflict normally between two individuals and looks to source a mutually agreed resolution.

Synergy will teach you all of the skills necessary to become a skilled Facilitator.

Who will benefit from attending this Training?
Current Facilitators looking for a refresher of tools and techniques. Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers. HR Professionals.

Where and when

8/05/2018  | One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn St, Manchester M1 3DG