Impacting the Bottom Line: Impacting the Bottom Line:Budgeting, Cost Control and Business Improvement

“Every action we make impacts the bottom line”

Course outline, at a glance

Managing a budget can be simple, but managing a budget takes skilled people.

Managing numbers is simple, however to make a budget work requires management skills.

Synergy will show you how to save money, make your budgets work and focus on the critical areas of your business that require investment.

  • Historic v Zero based budgeting methods
  • The structured approach to budget setting
  • Budgeted Profit & Loss Account
  • Cash Budget and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Budgeted Balance Sheet
  • Understand purpose and importance of budgeting and cash planning.
  • Gain a clear understanding of budget preparation and control.
  • Develop strategies for controlling spend in line with budget forecast.
  • Use budgets as a management tool.

Where and when

12/04/2018  | 40 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6AF, UK