Management by Objectives

Course outline, at a glance

A compelling Vision without solid Goals and Objectives is just a Dream

To achieve our end game we must have firm stepping stones to reach our ultimate objective

Management by objectives (MBO) is a systematic and organised approach allowing management to focus on achievable goals and to attain the best possible results from available resources.

Increasing organisational performance by aligning goals across the company and ensuring management and employees have an high level of input and assistance to identify their objectives, and timelines for completion in line with company goals.

  • Management by Objectives: the seven steps in the MBO cycle; analysis, planning, defining, articulating, the formal review, the informal review, reaching mutual agreement.
  • Goal Analysis: a systematic approach; understanding the key actions required to meet individual goals; organisational objectives; identifying areas where training may be required.
  • The Goal Setting Process: intrinsic and extrinsic rewards; process options; attributes of the goal; commitment and acceptance; employee and organisational outcomes.
  • Objective Setting: SMART; work objectives; quality objectives; personal objectives; short and long term targets.
  • Aims and Objectives of Team Briefing: the features and benefits of well-structured and regular briefings keeping staff informed; team briefing as a powerful management tool; effective and regular communication as a team motivator.
  • Motivation and Communication: communication skills; the importance of effective motivation; situational leadership.
  • Standards of Performance: setting the standard; agreeing the standard; measuring the standard; applying the standard; standards of behaviour.
  • Performance Management: developing performance measures; job analysis; continuous assessment; coaching for success. Appraisal: performance appraisal methods; documentation; the joint discussion; reaching agreement.

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