Middle Management Development Programme

Course outline, at a glance

Many middle professionals have a wealth of experience at handling day to day management issues:
Are you now ready for a bigger challenge?

There may of course be some technical skills that are industry or company specific. In fact the further up the company ladder one goes the less one is required to use technical skills.

But are there universal skills that apply regardless of industry or company? The more senior the position the more the task is about getting results through others.

This programme is about exploring and mastering those skills that will comfortably take you to the next level of competence – from professional to leader.

It begins with a robust review of the core skills of managing It then gives participants an insight into the following:

  • Ensuring that they have the core skills of management in place
  • Understanding what drives individual behaviour
  • Analysing the culture of their organisation and recognising its strengths and weaknesses
  • Exploring team dynamics and discovering their own preferred team roles
  • Having a range of tools to motivate and reward performance
  • Becoming aware of the techniques of influencing and how they are best used to persuade different styles of decision makers
  • Acquiring a range of leadership styles and being equipped to make an informed choice as to which one is most appropriate in different situations
  • Having a framework for implementing successful change programmes backed up by compelling communications
  • Assessing your organisations culture and its implications
  • How group dynamics affect team work and how to get the best from your team
  • Leadership that inspires successful change management

Where and when

17 & 18/04/2018  | One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn St, Manchester M1 3DG