NLP: An introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming

Welcome to the Art of Creating Excellence in all you do!

Course outline, at a glance

£599 per person ex vat

How often do people not live up to their  potential: Would you like the chance to be who you could have been ?

We see the world as we are; not as it is…
  • Understanding NLP – ‘the science of human excellence’
  • Assessing your own and other people’s mental maps
  • Creative goal setting
  • Developing the habit of outcome thinking for dynamic results
  • Successfully re-organise your thinking by changing your language
  • Understanding different personality traits and how these are linked to motivation, decision making and overall performance
  • Understanding your own language patterns and learning new ways to communicate
  • Creating instant rapport – identifying how a person represents their world
  • Mirroring body language
  • How to use leading skills to influence others
  • Competency Modelling – understand how top performers function and replicate their thoughts and thinking patterns

Where and when

15/01/2018  | 40 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6AF, UK