Managing People and Handling Difficult Situations

Course outline, at a glance

People are NOT their Behaviours 

They are only doing the best they can with what they have

This Workshop is about Managing Individuals, Groups and Teams and the handling of difficult people, customers or staff members a part of everyday working life and beyond.

By understanding other people’s behaviour and reacting assertively when faced with difficult, aggressive or unco-operative people will win the situation over every time.

  • Discuss your own experiences and learn how to be positive and assertive in a variety of different work situations and effectively manage people from all walks of life.
  • Identifying and dealing with the underlying causes of ‘difficult behaviour’
  • Approach people’s problems with increased confidence and an enhanced understanding of the reasons behind their behaviours
  • Forge positive working relationships with individuals who might previously have been viewed as difficult or unco-operative
  • Develop an enhanced understanding of the factors which motivate and demotivate others in the workplace
  • Adopt a confident, professional and appropriate behaviour style when faced with difficult people or situations

Where and when

22/01/2018  | 40 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6AF, UK