Recruitment and Interview Selection: Filling the toolbox

In order to have great team and a great organisation, you must understand the 16 / 4 Rule

Course outline, at a glance

“I’m not here to be Average: I’m here to be AWESOME.”

The organisation requires tools to do it’s job, some of those tools in the toolbox are SHARP, some are BLUNT, and others are just MISSING.

In simple terms this Synergy workshop explains how to only hire the best or the potential to be the best to ensure a cost effective and results driven outcome for the company.

Therefore: removing unnecessary cost structures before they are happen

  • Understanding the 16 / 4 Rule
  • How to adopt a systematic approach; removing bias; recruit or restructure?
  • Design a job specification to get the right candidate
  • Lower staff turnover, ‘Get RESULTS”.
  • Develop and transfer sustainable knowledge to the departments you have responsibility for

This workshop is suitable for those involved in the planning of recruitment campaigns and the interviewing and selection process for new staff.

Where and when

14 & 15/02/2018  |  London city hall, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN