The Marketing Programme

Course outline, at a glance

Invest in yourself: you can afford it, trust me.

Good marketing can help guarantee a company’ s success and wellbeing, bad marketing can drive you out of business.

Marketing is a critical component of business success. It builds brands which highlight the companies profile and drives profits. It protects against creeping commoditisation by establishing a value that is beyond price.

Participants attending this programme will:

  • Fully understand the Marketing Model
  • Be able to manipulate, adjust and manage each aspect of the marketing mix
  • Construct and develop a Strategic Market Audit
  • Understanding Strategic Product Positioning and develop your organisations
  • Understand Market Segmentation
  • Branding for Growth of you organisation
  • Understand Value creation, Delivery & Capture
  • Learn how to manage Brands and Product Portfolios
  • Understand and deploy a marketing tactical mix
  • Competencies Empasised: Market Analysis
  • The Ability to segment Markets correctly
  • Strategic thinking
  • Tactical implementation skills
  • Marketing Planning skills
  • Analytical thinking Skills and Decision-Making Skills
  • How to create and capture value
  • Marketing in the digital age

Where and when

TBC |  London city hall, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN