Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace:

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace:

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace:

You may have already heard of emotional intelligence and it may be that you’re not entirely sure what it is and how it can have a positive effect on people in your organisation.

I’d like to show you how you can use emotional intelligence to transform your company or organisation…

I’m James from Synergy Training Group and I’d like to offer you the chance to find out more about emotional intelligence and how it can determine the success of both the people within your organisation and the organisation itself.

Typically, emotionally intelligent people will display the following characteristics:

• Successfully manage difficult situations
• Express themselves clearly
• Gain respect from other
• Influence other people
• Involve other people to help them out
• Keep cool under pressure.
• Recognise their emotional reactions to people or situations
• Know how to say the ‘right’ thing to get the right result
• Motivate themselves to get things done
• Know how to be positive, even during difficult situations

The good news is that a person’s emotional intelligence can be improved and developed.

I’m offering you a 4-hour Introduction to “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE WORKPLACE” at your office / preferred location, for Management, Executives and Directors looking to improve both team and individual performances within their departments.

At the end of the session each participant will have a better understanding of their own emotional intelligence and how that awareness can affect their success along with an enhanced awareness of how they behave and how they are perceived by others, recognising the impact and cost it can have.

All you need to do to organise this introductory session is reply via the contact form and we can get a date in the diary.

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