Reasons why Projects fail

Reasons why Projects fail

Reasons why Projects fail!

Do Sharks complain about Monday? No. they’re up early, biting stuff, chasing stuff, being scary, reminding everyone that they are a Shark.

1. Failure to visualise the end game

2. Lack of preparation, discussion and debate in the mapping and scoping of the project

3. Lack of clear links between the project and the organisation’s key strategic priorities

4. Lack of clear senior management ownership and leadership

5. Lack of effective engagement with stakeholders

6. Lack of skills and proven approach to project management and risk management

7. Recruitment of poor staff, who are involved in the project

8. Project champion is not behaving like a champion

9. Too little attention to breaking development and implementation into manageable steps

10. Evaluation of proposals driven by initial price rather than long term value for money (especially securing delivery of business benefits)

11. Lack of understanding of, and contact with, the supply industry at senior levels in the organisation

12. Lack of effective project team integration between clients, the supplier team and the supply chain

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