Recruitment: Dealing with other people’s selections:

Recruitment: Dealing with other people’s selections:

Recruitment: Dealing with other people’s selections:

So you are newly promoted, or have arrived at the new organisation to discover the tools you have to work with. No not the laptop, pens or paper. The team in front of you which you have just inherited.

Question: Are they razor sharp, blunt, not fit for purpose or simply gone AWOL, because as the saying goes:

“If all I have is a Hammer then everything starts to look like a Nail” Or, will you be pleasantly surprised or will you open the box to find an unwanted present i.e. the tools being blunt or missing?

So what do you need to know about them?

  1. What do they think the company vision is?  This demonstrates do they know why they are there and where they are going, are they singing from the same Hymn sheet and if so do they describe monosyllabically or with Passion and gusto
  2. When I ask those same employees what our main strategies are to achieve that vision, can they describe them well?
  3. Do they all match?
  4. Do these employees seem confident these strategies will achieve their aim?
  5. Is the value we provide to our customers so powerful that we are attracting and retaining customers?
  6. Are our margins and profitability good?
  7. And, do they know what the margins are?
  8. And how every decision they make affects out margins.
  9. Does the leadership team work well together? Are they pulling together as a single team?
  10. Do they walk their talk?
  11. Does that team meet regularly to agree how to strategically overcome barriers to grow?
  12. Is there a high level of trust and engagement across the whole company?

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