Synergy Newsletter – November

Synergy Newsletter – November

What’s Happening?


Welcome to Synergy’s November newsletter, we aim to keep you up to date with what’s going on here!

With upcoming Public courses for you to sample, also, In house courses with over 300 titles which you can tailor to your specific needs.

There are:

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  • Free Reports – sign up to keeping receiving white papers and free reports
  • Articles with Links to those published
  • Special Offers – Lots of offers through the end of 2017 and the new year.
  • Deals of the Month – with discounted prices on those specially selected public courses, see those specials deals lower in the newsletter.
  • Competitions – With every purchase a chance to win a Fabulous prize, you are placed into a draw to win a prize.
  • Quote of the Month – great quote unheard of by many every month something for you to thin about.
  • Segments – Stimulating, Exciting, Vibrant Short courses 90 minute sessions run at your premises.
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Upcoming Events: click on the link below to read the course outline.


Unconscious bias

5/6 Presenting with Power

11/12 Essential Management Skills

14/15 Team Development

19/20 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


8/12 Strategy, Business Planning, Goals, Objectives, Competencies and Deliverables

17-18 Managing and Motivating towards Excellence

22 Managing people and handling difficult situations

23 Understanding TNA

24-25 Scenario Planning in Strategy


1-2 Essential Selling Skills

6-7 Blue Ocean Strategy

12-13 Personal Effectiveness for Managers

14-15 Recruitment and Interview Selection

18-27 The 10 Day MBA


1-2 Coaching to greatness

6-7 Project Management –An Introduction

12-14 Transformation Initiative

19-23 The Followership Programme

28-29 The DNA behind a Great TNA – Developing a Learning and Development Strategy


3-4 Time and Priority Management

5-6 Essential Management Skills

10 Negotiation Skills for Profit

12 Impacting the bottom Line

17-18 The Middle Management Development Programme


1-2 Building Confidence and Self Esteem

3-4 Accelerated Learning

8 Facilitation Skills

10-11 Achieving results through Delegation

20-24 Leading with Confidence

28-31 The Strategy MBA


Free Reports

  • Developing an L&D Strategy for your organisation: How to guide to building an L&D Strategy.
  • Ways to improve Staff Retention: Simple guide to getting your staff engaged
  • How to reduce your Training Costs: Simple cost effective ways to get more for your buck.
  • Absenteeism: How its a problem in small to large organisations and how to handle it.
  • New to the Industry – how high performing companies are working on the C Factor’s
  • 12 month Development programmes and the benefits to the bottom line

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Articles: click on the link below to read the article

The 10 Rules of Being a Great Manager:

Dozen ways to Motivate your team:

How to Speak with confidence in a Public:

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace;

How to Spot a bad Manager:

The Chief Executive choices:

The Knowledge Economy


Joining the Synergy Team

The Troubleshooters Guide to an unhealthy organisation

What’s Your Unconscious Bias

NLP Explained
Stages of Team Dynamics in Becoming a high performing team


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Segments – Synergy Short Courses: Build your own Programme
With over 100 Segments on offer across multiple Skill Sets all delivered in short 90 minute sessions “In House”

The Choice is Yours: Synergy provides fully flexible options for you to choose the sessions to suit your business’s needs, with 4 segments delivered in one day or alternatively choose to build a programme over several days with a simple flat fee structure.

Build a Segments Programme over multiple days and multiple skill sets at a discount
If you want to plan an induction or refresher programme for your employees Synergy is always willing to help you along the way and build the programme with you, the more days you plan the more cost effective it can be – Ask us for more details about long term joint programmes and the discounts they attract.

Choose 4 Segments from a single Skill Set
Decide on a Skill Set whether it’s a day of Business Basics, Business Skills, a day of Customer Service or Team Performance or simply a day of Personal Performance


Choose 4 Segments from across the whole range
Maybe you’d prefer a mixture of session from across the Skill Sets? The choice truly is yours

· Four 90 Minute Segments
· Delivered in a single day “In House”
· Up to 20 people a session

Take a look at our 100 plus Segments from the Skill Sets below and email us via to take full advantage of these great short courses.

Were always happy to help plan your event in whatever way you need.

For more information, check out the website or Contact us to set up a meeting to look into this further.


Click the link to see the Segments


Special Offers:

Look out for… Coming Soon!

  • Black Friday – 24th November 2017
  • Christmas
  • January Sales

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11-12 Essential Management Skills

14-15 Team Development


24-25 Scenario Planning in Strategy


12-13 Personal Effectiveness for Managers


1-2 Coaching to greatness


5-6 Essential Management Skills

10 Negotiation Skills for Profit


1-2 Building Confidence and Self Esteem


Early Bird Offers:
By being an Early Bird not only do you invest in yourself and your career, you are entered into out fabulous draw to win a Quarterly prize. Being an early bird you must book up and pay to receive a discounted price on your choice of course. Use the contact form or to book.


Win an I Pad, with every course purchased, you will be entered into the draw to win a top of the range I Pad.


2018 Brochure Download:

Our new 2018 Brochure with synergy’s entire offering is coming soon, to get an e download, go to the contact form and enter your details and work e mail address.


Quote of the Month:

“If you want a rainbows, you have to put up with a little rain.”


Top Twenty Courses:

For more information about anything in this newsletter, check out the website or Contact us to set up a meeting to look into this further.


For more information, check out the website or Contact us to set up a meeting to look into this further.

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