The Ten Rules of Being a Great Manager

The Ten Rules of Being a Great Manager

The Ten Rules of Being a Great Manager:

RULE 1: Focus on your Strengths and Delegate your Weaknesses:
Don’t waste time trying to improve them: Right let’s get this one out of the way a lot of you will disagree and some others will find processing this, let’s say a bit odd, very different from everything you have always been told. However, try it, delegate to those who excel in these areas and you can focus on what it is that you do best. No-one can do everything, no-one can be great at everything, so let’s stop this nonsense, the essence of a great team is bring superb skills together to create an elite performing team, not everyone doing everything and being average. So work out what it is that you have the talent, skills, capability to be really good at and hone it, sharpen it, and be a beacon for it. The world is distinctly average in most areas, hence the 80 /20 rule and taking that a step further, take a look at my 16/4 rule: rule 2 coming soon, hope rule one created something for to talk about.

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