The Training Needs Analysis Model

The Training Needs Analysis Model

The Training Needs Analysis Model

Establishing the key priorities for the organisation and understanding the Goals and Targets
Taking the view from the top of current broad training and development needs reviewing any existing data – performance reviews and appraisals.

Stage 2
Looking at the training and development needs of teams within the organisation using stage 1 as a backdrop.

Stage 3
Surveying the training and development needs of the individuals, using appropriate survey techniques. Challenging individuals on their needs to ensure that they align with what the organisation wants to achieve

Stage 4
Conducting individuals meetings to agree individual precise training and development needs, and how they might be met.

  • Determining the learning objectives that individuals may have:
  • Determining criteria by which agreed actions to meet training and development needs will be evaluated, when learning is applied to the workplace.

Stage 5

  • Agree Training and Development plan after collation of data.
  • Make recommendations for follow up re training and development and performance.
  • Make recommendations for the evaluation of the effectiveness of training and development resulting from the plan.

Stage 6
Feedback and ongoing evaluation of both recommendations and any subsequent training and development programme.

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