The Trouble-shooters guide to  “An Unhealthy Organisation”

The Trouble-shooters guide to “An Unhealthy Organisation”

The Trouble-shooters guide to “An Unhealthy Organisation” and becoming sicker by the minute.

Part 1 of 5 

This has been written to highlight some obvious tell-tale signs that are the early indications of not all being well in the corporate household. Obvious to some but not others and at synergy we are very keen to solve these problems.

I am more interested in looking for, finding, and doing something about the often obvious evidence that there are organisational issues that require urgent attention.

Trouble is, as you know only too well, despite the fine words, too many organisations seem incapable of finding the will and the energy to confront the really difficult issues, and we all can list plenty of previously successful organisations whose past glories have caused them not to maintain their sharpness – success can indeed breed failure.

“You learn very little from success, however, you learn a great deal from failure”

Most organisations will have their own benchmarks and KPI’s, which are indicators of its own specific ill-health. Future organisational success in my view will depend as much on the efforts made to put right what is going wrong as well as the interpretation of the evidence before them.

When you have read the following let’s talk about how we can help put this right. Right Now!

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  1. The Phone is rarely answered either professionally or within a reasonable space of time and if it isn’t then you get an irritating answerphone, an option to call back or you are terminated. Once this happens then we look at the matter of basic competence in dealing with the client, manners, answering protocols and knowledge of the business, to the clients issues and resolving or proactively building a relationship with the caller/ client.
  2. New starters are left to ‘sink or swim’. This has occurred with me 15 plus years ago with a Learning and development organisation of some repute, suffice it to say ”No meet and greet on day one”, no senior staff to be available for basic introductions to existing staff and therefore, the relationship was tainted from the start. Once you are beyond this then onto the Induction, which is seen as an event and not a process, a lack of training and a complete lack of a shadowing / mentoring programme to new intakes into their prospective role.
  3. Eyore!! Willing donkeys are overloaded with work because they are dependable, whilst 80 per cent of the staff is able to hide and not reach the dizzy heights of excellence. Willing donkeys are not promoted instead incompetent, ineffective persons profit as they are seen to do less damage in a management role as oppose to the damage they create at the coalface.
  4. This brings another issue if you are brave to promote the workhorse, how many staff will you need to plug the gap create by their promotion. Remember the 80 / 20 rule, better still ask us about the 16/4 rule.
  5. People who no longer have a job or a purpose are kept on, sometimes with little or nothing to do, this happens more than you realise, firstly, have the employee pass on their knowledge and experience, maintain business continuity and sustain the knowledge then find them a role which befits their situation, possibly a coach, mentor to the new intakes or existing employees.
  6. Managers are reluctant to develop their people for fear of creating rivals, coaching and mentoring does not exist and eventually the team has no young blood to introduce into the ever changing environment. This is a common problem because human behaviour is territorial, we like to protect our domains and give us a reason to feel and be seen as important.
  7. Confidence in the leadership diminishes and may even be challenged, as we say in football terms the leadership / management” lose the dressing room”, in other words they never had authority they look and behave weak in front of the troops. “Every battle is won before the first blow is struck”
  8. Influential senior managers are in their last jobs, with no desire, or hunger or incentive to drive change and performance forward. As a result, change and those that crave it are viewed as threats and blocked or worse, move them on Now! Let them become someone else’s problem. In the world of football we see this all the time average footballers keep moving on year on year to another club because they have lost their passion for the fight, they no longer have the desire or hunger, this is a major killer to the staff be lead or managed by these individuals.
  9. Rumours abound: this is where there is “in fighting” within the organisation and teams within the organisation, the dreaded gossip which is divisive and will break the best organisation given time to grow and fester, Remember “It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel” take more care over who and how you recruit.
  10. Internal, inter-functional conflicts are not confronted, and these escalate, always deals with behaviourial issues in the organisation with immediate effect do not allow them to fester, do not reward bad behaviour and counter all challenges to the organisations core values.
  11. Individuals feel they are not rewarded in relation to their specific contribution and effort, this again happens more often than you think, pay rises to all the staff is insane, only by rewarding the staff who perform do you send a message of the required standards that are a must by all members of the team and finally find alternative methods of rewarding staff other than by monetary means, learn how to motivate yourself and others.
  12. Believe it or not most people would prefer to be rewarded by positive feedback rather than by traditional methods, the fact is very few employees get little or no feedback on their performance.

You have had a chance to read the first dozen reasons, we have lots more in 4 more parts to receive these and know more contact us through this link  to receive the other 4 parts of this article and get all 50 plus reasons why organisations are unhealthy.

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